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Our experiential learning model is the key to succeed

In our schools, we spread culture as best as we can, supporting children to grow up and helping them be a concrete support for our society, making the difference daily. The children are the lifeblood of tomorrow, the solid terrain on which other lives and dreams will rely. We nurture the brightest future, based on the running and recognized art of teaching.

“Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.”

(Albert Einstein)

Fondazione Sant’Agostino


The experience that changes your perspective.

When we start to guide our children, they are so young and uncertain. They learn that their fingers are important first for drawing and then for writing. They learn to read with the index finger under each word they pronounce as they get more and more confident day by day. In the beginning They learn the vowels, and later the consonants with astonishment. Finally The magic world of words spreads out.
With their hands, they make new friends who will sometimes become lifelong relations. With their hands they fill their backpacks, they browse into their school books that become gradually complex. They take off their aprons to wear sweatshirts. They pass from class to class, year by year.


They pass through the period of acne and that of first love undamaged.
They shake and caress other people’s hands. They do sports, they face their first disillusionments and their great expectations. They weigh friendships, true ones, with hugs and pats on shoulders. In their first 12 years they sharpen kilos of leads, they consume litres of ink. Soon they will learn how to drive and they will vote. The little hands we held in ours will become the hands of adults ready to experience the world of work.

The hand of that 6 year old child is able to write now, it’s the hand of a man. The same hands will give us their best regards when they finish school, as we are ready to welcome new students and pupils to our schools. We grow up citizens, men and women who will give back to us and to our society the values they learnt. We grow up conscious citizens able to take over their future lives, and the values they believe in.

Our educational programs


A good start…means a better growth!

In our schools, we deeply believe that the practical experience is the key to show students the positive in what they learnt. Adults and teachers around them really want to be the credible and the visible evidence that we believe in what we do and teach.

Primary school


Manfredini Primary school cares for children in each step raising passions, curiosity and attention through what students meet daily. It is the huge step from kindergarten to school. But do not worry about it, here the step is fully under control!

Secondary school


Our secondary school (scuola secondaria di primo grado in accordance with italian legislation) drives children to discover themselves and their desire to contribute in building a new human and ethical society. Students start here a very crucial and personal path: we train them to play their own match.

High Schools


Scientific and Fine Arts High Schools were born to address manage young people’s talents in the best way, in order to encourage students to be really aware about their lives and where and how they would like to make the difference. Students at this stage are ready to stand out from the crowd. From here we can look at them out while they are flying off fly off.

Our numbers


We give numbers away, and these are completely positive!

In our schools we give numbers away, moreover when figures are so impressive. Our students come from all over Varese’s province. The number of students grows on a yearly basis. We have the youngest teachers – our teachers are 40 years old on average – compared with teachers of the province who are 51 years old on average. Our schools are vibrant, innovative, with a long-time value both for students and teachers. In the light of this, take the enrolment hypothesis into consideration.

Cities of student’s provenience0%
New enrolments from 14-15 academic year to date:0%
Current number of students:0%

Number of teachers


Average? Medium age of teachers


Hours of languages development


Hours of digital techniques development / STEAM

Actions value for supporting learning0%
Investment value in innovation technology0%

Alumni & Giving


Please go to extra mile in supporting us and wherever your heart drives you. With more than 1000 graduated students with outstanding achievements, we keep the promise to offer high value educational programs. Giving to us and to our schools means to help us keep the promise to transfer the adding value to our students day by day, and your gift will be used to offer value rather than to fill a gap. Choosing us, donating to us means to support future generations, starting from today.



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